mixed use master plan

site location:

Beijing, China

site area:

77 ha


1,000,000 sqm

plot ration:



RAD, ACLA, Hyder Consulting

ice team:

Ulrich Kirchhoff

WOC (Window of China) is the winning proposal of an invited competition for a business, learning and convention center at the 5th ring of Beijing. The program consists of a B2B hub for young entrepeneurs, a convention centre of 300,000 sqm, a hotel, a business school and retail and other commercial facilities.

The site is mainly dominated by road infrastructure; a major highway cuts through its center. To connect the two sides of the site as well as integrate the site with the context more beneficial, a green network is created, that runs underneath the highway with a sunken plaza to create a pedestrian connection between the cut off city through the business center. The network consists out of urban plazas, parks and leisure areas which branch out into the surrounding neighborhood and act as an nucelus for further development.

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