mixed use pop music centre

site location:

Taipei, Taiwan

site area:

7.65 ha


33,800 sqm

plot ration:


ice team:

Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low, Claudia Wigger, Hugo Ma, Tim Mao

Pop culture is the culture of change. Pop architecture is the space of change. Rather than a building, the TPMC provides a platform for spontaneous activities: a street, a park, a network of pedestrian circulation, which are embedded into an architectural framework. The design strategy for the TPMC defines the site through 3 different elements:

1. Event: The event space is a concentration of music activities. It connects the indoor and outdoor auditorium through the stage area

2. Urban Street Park: The urban street park is the promenade of the project and extends Xinsheng Road into the building. The promenade is a space for sudden and unplanned activities such as street music and jam sessions

3. Park: The Park connects the entire site as a leisure zone. It is the spill over area during events as well as a leisure zone for the residents

The urban street park is the main connector between the city and the TPMC. As a horizontal landscape, it connects to the first floor skywalks as well as to the ground. It acts as an urban enabler to the TPMC to become not only a destination space but an urban center for the neighborhood and the city. Urbanism and circulation networks will substitute architecture.

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