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Our team is consisting out of talented designers from all over the world. It is led by principals, all of whom have an international educational background in Europe, Asia and the US, have accumulated nearly 15 years of work experience in Asia and China as lead designers in many award-winning projects which have been extensively published in the press. Our team is not only dynamic, intelligent cosmopolitan designers, we excel at communication, being fluent in several languages, including Mandarin, English, German, Italian and Spanish.

Principals and Directors*:

Ulrich Kirchhoff

Louise Low, Claudia Wigger, William Liu, Minh Le Van

Seniors and Associates*:

Dieter Dietz, Jorge Gil Suarez, Eugenio Fontan, John Lin, Susanne Trumpf, Tim Mao Yiqing, Roberto Requejo


Esteban Becerril Pellon, Arthur Bel, Tiffany Chow Tung, Isabella Ducoli, Jorge Beneitez Gardeazabal, Matteo Biasiolo, Laure Bouchard, Bonix Chung, Keith Chung, Agnieszka Drankowska, Lien Thanh Gruetzmacher, Juliana Kei, Sandy Lee, Hugo Ma, Olgierd Nitka, Ashley Or, Jeremy Son Cheung Lun, Christopher Tan, Amy Wang, Satoshi Yamada, Jackey Yp, Yue Zhang

* present and past

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