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We have successfully built a range of projects in Asia as well as Europe. Projects range from urban planning to architecture to interior and product design.Our projects have been highly awarded and published worldwide. We provide strategic design solutions on master planning, architecture and design.

Our expertise lies in helping our Clients achieve the highest value for their projects. In the face of highly competitive markets and challenging business environments, our Clients approach us with a multitude of objectives and targets as well as severe constraints from the site conditions to changing market demands. In most cases, we are able to propose highly innovative solutions to elevate the projects to a higher level of quality, resulting in substantial gains for our Clients.Examples of our past benchmark projects include the first W-Hotel in Asia in Seoul, Korea.

Initially, the Client was able to attract a 3-star hotel operator due to the challenges of the site. After initial consultations, we helped our Client redevelop a hotel concept and program brief that focused on redefining a luxury urban destination with a unique and exclusive approach. This wasn’t easy as Seoul is an extremely sophisticated market for luxury brands and services. Our approach aims to attract a different class of clientele to the hotel and the first W Hotel in Asia is thus brought to realization with great success and has since become a destination for the jetset and hosts important events. Our Client’s investment in the landmark hotel as well as the surrounding real estate has risen significantly.The hotel is currently a 5-star hotel.

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