site location:

Hong Kong, HKSAR

site area:

130 ha


1,000,000 sqm

plot ration:


ice team:

Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low, Claudia Wigger, Arthur Bel, Hugo Ma, Tim Mao

HKXC is finalist of the idea competition for the Hong Kong Shenzhen Boundary Crossing facility at Chep Lap Kok airport.

With the introduction of the HKXC next to Chep Lap Kok International airport, the gateway to Hong Kong will create the largest single point of entry to the city. Together, there will be a peak flow of passengers of 180,000,000 people per year (est. 50,000,000 through the airport and 130,000,000 through HKXC).

Around six percent of the entire population of Hong Kong will pass this area daily, which will make this hub a commercial opportunity in itself. To cater this volume of travelers, the project is more than just another border crossing facility: It has the potential to become Hong Kong’s international city, a place for commercial activities, short term stay, destination leisure programs and recreational spaces: International air passengers, who stop over in Hong Kong for a few hours can relax in some of the leisure attractions in HKXC, locals can use the duty free shopping facilities to have an alternative to some of the products. Business traveler might use the opportunity to meet in the international zone for a stopover business meeting.

Just like Hong Kong itself, HKXC creates an urban environment, which uses densification to create a maximum of opportunities for the user - and therefor is the most iconic symbol of the energy and potential of the city.

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